Friday, May 11, 2012

Take 3

--- 1 ---
New artwork! I had an itch to be creative. (Note: ok, so I subscribe to Alisa Burk's blog, and it's the reason for my itch to be creative. I know it's simple, but it's something!) This project also reminded me that I keep my high school transcript in my craft box. Why? I'm not sure. (It's been at least 9 years since I completed all the grades on my transcript! Wow.)

--- 2 ---
Remember my bucket list item which can be summed up basically with, "Love your own wardrobe"? Well, in three weeks time, I did buy a dress for Spring Formal and then hit up an online sale and bought 7 items... ok, so I returned 5 of them. But, hey! I'm trying. Us at Spring Formal:

--- 3 ---
Brian's birthday came and went! I have the deep-seated dreams of being one of those amazing gift-givers... creative, talented and personal... well, I did not look like that gal driving around town the night before his birthday... But, I did find these awesome coffee cups... which reflect our palette and personalities perfectly. (Thank you, TJMaxx - who knew half of your store was kitchen items?!)

--- 4 ---
For being the kind of woman who is eager to throw things away... I discovered that my "subscribe" list included blogs that haven't had any posts since 2007. I was shocked to find out that 2007 was now 5 years ago. What??

--- 5 ---
Speaking of blogs... My sister Melanie has updated her photography blog! I'd give you the link to the actual blog, but I think I'd rather give you the post that relates to me... Yup, I'm the baby.

--- 6 ---
I went to a Home Management Resources workshop on meal planning. I learned some cool things, but was particularly excited to find out that I can make my own vegetable broth by boiling the "throw aways" from veggies. I mean... who knew?! (Now I have two gallon-sized bags of chicken broth and one of vegetable broth in my freezer. Now I just need to use them!)

--- 7 ---
I have a new appreciation for pruning... When scripture talks about being pruned, I sort of got it... until I cut my kalanchoe plant in half. Let's just say that it's doing better than it's done in a year in a half. Wow. Talk about means for reflection! Am I being pruned? Am I being changed so that I can bear more fruit?

Check out all the new growth! Thanks to the Colfax sisters
who gave this plant to me when my Grandma Seale died.
Conversion Diary is taking a break today. I am aware of two people in my circles who passed away this week and am going to a funeral today. Lord, console these families!
Praise God for the Resurrection!

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