Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Home making...

By home making, I mean decorating and designing our home to be us. It's the little things like the table runner we bought in Mexico on our honeymoon... A home full of small touches like this is no small task, it turns out!

I diligently fought off thoughts of our home while engaged because it simply would've been too much for me to take on. Deciding the play list and myriads of other things for our wedding and reception left me no time to wander around my imagination thinking of the perfect side table, serving dish or wall hanging. (Closing on our home 2 days before our wedding helped with that!) Now that we've collected (most of) our furniture, I have begun noticing the nag of bare walls in our home.

Well, this Saturday was Jubilatio and we came away with 2 pieces of art... a roughly 4'x4' oil on canvas by a Trinity School at Greenlawn alumna and a smaller print of a current student's piece. It was just enough of a push to have us enjoy a researching Sunday morning of styles, decorations and furniture. I have been enjoying Design Sponge for some time now, emailing myself little jpgs or ideas for how to add details of beauty to our home...

Maybe this summer, I'll finally be in a position to post photos of our home with the small details that make it truly ours... But, for now... a photo of the painting we won!

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