Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mama's Day, Mama!

Dear Mama,

Thank you! Thank you for starting out at the beginning,
keeping me clean, lovin' me up and lovin' the joys of childhood...

We made it all the way to my 18th birthday! (Of course, with a childhood cake which I helped make, because... tradition is tradition! I was so glad that you let me help make my birthday cakes.)

Thanks for going to college with me! I enjoyed meeting you for lunch and dinner around campus and being able to say to my friends, "Hey! It's my Mom", only to be stared at in disbelief... =) And, we both graduated! Alleluia!

Thanks for all the friendship you've shared with your daughters. It's such a sweet thing to see pictures of us enjoying "girl time" over the years.
We're really blessed!

Thanks for being an awesome grandmother! Your service and presence in their lives is very noticed. They enjoy being with you and they are very rich in the knowledge that their grandmother loves the Lord (and her husband!).

And, thanks for all those years where it was just the three of us! We were lucky and blessed to have a lot of time as "The Three Musketeers". Thanks for perfecting eating out and not over eating, seeing movies in the theater and all those museums in DC. We had lots of fun!

Thank you especially for praying for me throughout my life.
Thank you for praying for a good husband for me and teaching me what it means to be a good wife. I am richly blessed by you.

To many more years of friendship! I love you!

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