Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Teacher's Spouse

That's right... that's me! With the last month of school coming up, my jaw dropped a little as I realized my "hands-off staff" approach to the end of the year draws to a quick close this year as I am invited to many more activities (and want to support) my teaching husband.

So... Spring Formal? That's right, we'll chaperon (which, by the way is apparently how you can spell chaperone). I'll find a cocktail level outfit for next Saturday... because that's what teacher spouses do!


  1. Yay! Fun. Enjoy it.

    Also, what's with your blog? it's just plain white/gray. Gonna spice it up a bit with some color? :D

  2. You saw it in the midst of some playing around =) Bad timing for that I guess! hah.

  3. ha! how funny. when I'm messing with my blog, I always wonder who is passing by...