Friday, April 27, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

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Well, I have thoroughly enjoyed Jennifer's 7 Quick Takes Fridays... Long enough to call it "sneaking", though now it's feels practically like friendship. Hi Jennifer- thanks for making me laugh... every Friday, when I needed it!

--- 1 ---
Louisa's being confirmed tonight! And I get to be her sponsor! (Read: still deciding what dress to wear. Don't worry- I'm making resolutions. See #4.) Thankfully, I've done other sorts of preparation... like praying for her. That's definitely what matters.
--- 2 ---
Jubilatio is tomorrow! Gina has worked her tail end off and it will certainly be a smashing event. We'll be honoring Dr. Malone, who has taught at Trinity School at Greenlawn for 25 years! Wow.
--- 3 ---
Unrelated to the events of the week, Danny Kaye does an unbelievable impression of Louis Armstrong... with Louis Armstrong. I wonder if that was awkward at all? Anything but.
--- 4 ---
I find "Bucket Lists" (or Life Lists) to be inspiring... as a Type A, only-practical-things-matter sort of a gal, I try to do these exercises... I ran across this one and was inspired to start my own. So, I might not ever dream of things like "Lunch with Ellen Degeneres", but I try for it anyways... (Doing a project did make the list, though, in addition to fixing that wardrobe/dress problem I mentioned in #1.)
--- 5 ---
Does receiving the blank Thank You (post)cards in the mail necessitate the beginning of writing our thanks for all of our wedding gifts? We need to write 157. I plan to win. (I mean, I have a year right? Strike that. If I think that way, I won't be the winner.)
--- 6 --- Our plan of attack for our finances. I'll let you know what we think, but so far, we love the visual aid to seeing where our money actually goes. (Oh, and I'm going to start shopping at Aldi again.)
--- 7 ---
Umm, I never did #7. (Change made on 5/17/12) 
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  1. Mar, I'm loving these posts! Thanks especially for the Danny Kaye and Louis Armstrong video!