Wednesday, March 14, 2012

We're Married!

It's been six weeks and we've definitely done a lot!

As for the wedding day itself, we were unbelievably blessed. We had both snow for our photoshoot and sunshine for the remainder of the day. So many of our family and friends were able to join us and that made the celebration all the more joyful.

With our first week of marriage being spent in the paradise of Mexico, we found ourselves able to forget time and the daily stuff of life for a full week... after six months of intense wedding planning, it was unbelievably awesome. Can you say Long Island Iced Tea in front of the ocean? Exactly.

If you're still doing the math, that means we've been living in our new home for five weeks. We closed on that beautiful property two days before we said our vows. (Talk about exciting!) We moved into that house determined to make it homey as quickly as we could. We have new sofas, lots of new furniture, an unpacked-awesome kitchen, a fireplace and a television (both are crucial). Oh, and houseplants. Can't do without them.

It's worth noting that our yard is simply chock-full of unbelievably fun plants, too... flowers, bushes and trees... azaleas, a burning bush, daffodils, hyacinth, day lilies, peonies, a cherry blossom, butterfly bush, rose bushes, a Japanese maple, a rhododendron, clematis and other things I can't even identify! It's been delightful to see them all start budding and identifying them. Brian has put a lot of work into the yard, too... for which I am very grateful!

This past weekend, we made the big push to put together the guest bedroom so we could welcome Alex and Jule for the Action Conference of the People of Praise which is the weekend after Easter. We're so excited to have guests!

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