Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Wedding Hats

It was a cold, rainy day in Cincinnati when Brian and I headed out for a classic S. family activity-- a walk through the mall. In true vacation shopping form, I slowed down by the women's hat section and started trying on ridiculously awesome hats that would make even Grandma Mary S. (the greater) proud. As a particularly awesome hat graced my head, a lady looked at me and said in an British accent, "Now that's a hat!" She then proceeded to explain how much she missed the world of hats in England and that "the only time people wear hats here is for weddings!" I shared with her that we were going to get married and she exclaimed that we should encourage all of our guests to wear hats.

So, guests-- be encouraged. G'ahead and wear a hat. =) Grandma Mary S. would be honored.

Signing off,
Mary V.

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