Saturday, November 14, 2020

Take 359

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
Our weather has really transitioned this week and fog has been a major element to our daily weather. I'm not quite sure why, but fog in November with temps in the high 40s and low 50s absolutely signals that it's time to have Thanksgiving--and to start prepping all those Thanksgiving dish ingredients. How will I keep myself down to the bare minimum for such a holiday with only a family of 5? I'm just really not sure. (And no, my freezer is not American sized... LOL.)

--- 2 ---
I know it's been a long year, but if you have a little left in you, I'd like to propose that you read "Just Mercy". I haven't seen the film, and I had to listen to the book in "chunks" because it was... sobering. But it's an education. And I welcome you to join me in school.
--- 3 ---
Speaking of 2020... I was enjoying an "old favorite" from 2018: "Give me the hard stuff" by Justin Timberlake... And pondered on this song for a moment and realized, "Yo, Justin. You asked for the hard stuff... and well... the universe listened." Please give us a break and write a new song, "Give us a new year". Lol.
--- 4 ---
I successfully completed my second one-week comprehensive shopping trip. (I gave up this tradition when I had my third child... for a season.) The first week was mildly successful in that I forgot to check for red lentils when it was the base for an entire dinner (we didn't have any) and we wound up eating amazing grilled cheese on Friday because the deli meat was gone... but we did it. I'm convinced that staying in the grocery budget hinges around not going to the store daily for random ingredients. #MakeDo

But I forgot about the stress of shopping "American Style" in Germany... It's major.
--- 5 ---
How do you know if you're a grinch? My litmus test: I go out of my way to rip off the sombrero from my tequila bottle cap. It just bugs me. Like it's too happy or something. That's how I know: I'm a grinch.
--- 6 ---
Have you ever seen a pancake pan like this? Hilarious! I wasn't exactly tempted to buy it... but I couldn't not share it. 
--- 7 ---
Last but not least: I need your help. Please share with me your favorite salad dressing recipes... because I like to make our own, but I have this unbelievable ability to pick the worst salad dressing recipes online. Please. Help me.

Happy Saturday!

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