Tuesday, March 01, 2011


The most recent Vine & Branches was about ordinary Christian life. So, as I sit here thinking about what's worth "Writing home about", I think I'd like to argue that it's wherever the Lord can be seen. And praise God, my life happens to be very full of the ordinary. So... here's what I've seen:

With the Z family newly in and around the fence of Greenlawn, I enjoyed finding Nora playing with her kids at the basketball courts. It did take some bundling, but outside activity is on the mind of many of us, I think. (Particularly now with the time change!)

We've enjoyed Lord's Days ("Loowd's Daey") as a household this semester, and I must admit that it's been a treat to not be traveling so much. Sharing our blessings from the week and honoring each other by making meals is definitely a shining moment of our life together.

Some of us have been thinking and praying diligently about the Action Division recently, and I've really seen the Lord in it. I am sure the fruit of it will move our work forward, but I've also been grateful to the Lord for the opportunity to be reminded of the vision of building the kingdom of God with the People of Praise. It is still true that my heart is moved by the work the Lord has given us. Glory!

Also, I received Grandma Mary's famous New York Cheesecake recipe. Aunt Mary Ann, in sending me the recipe, said she brought it to every party and every wake and that I should "Enjoy and remember!" I loved these instructions. Well, folks, I've made a first attempt, and I have yet another reason to be in awe of Grandma Mary. Let's just say I'd like to perfect this... and it's not poifect, yet. But when it is, well... you'll just have to come over and try some!

Those are just a few highlights. Dad's in town for the week and it's been a treat spending some time with him this weekend! We also had an all Work College Lord's Day ("Loowd's Daey") this weekend. It was wonderful to see (most of) us all in one place for a meal.

Currently Reading: Torches Together
Possible High Temp for the week: 63
Catherine's currently baking: Bouchons (And yes, it smells amazing)

Have a great week, y'all!

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