Sunday, November 21, 2010

Grandma Mary

Grandma Mary passed away two weeks ago. As I spent a weekend in New York, memories abounded. She would walk up to me and say, "Us Mary Seales- we're the life of the party!" She was at least partly right. Mary Seale was the life of the party. She was known for her shoes, hats and wearing lots of red. She was always the first on and last off of a dance floor. I'm proud to share her name.

As I think back on the weekend in Central Islip, celebrating her life, what I am most struck by was how faithful and loving she was to her family and friends. Absolutely a fun-loving woman, she stuck by you and supported you through it all. All the stories I heard that weekend, both familiar and unfamiliar, highlighted just how much Grandma loved the people in her life. I very much saw the Lord in her.

Jack Maloney stated that, "Mary Seale was the glue that kept together St. John of God." (Her parish on Long Island.) I'm sure he's right. Who wouldn't want to stick around if Grandma was there? You were sure to have a blast. And even more than that, you would be loved.

We were all loved well by her and will miss her dearly.

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  1. Love the photo, and love YOU, Mary V!