Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Tale of Travels

This Autumn season has definitely been a whirlwind!

Since my last post...
  • I spent a lovely day in Chicago with Melanie, her kiddos, and my cousin, Scott.
  • I traveled to NY with my parents for my cousin's wedding. We got dressed up and danced the night away (a particular highlight for me). My Mom took me on a walk through Great River and told me some of her growing up story, which was a lovely time.
  • We stopped in Jersey to visit Uncle Tom and Aunt Lois, who showed us their beautiful new Lake House, which I can't wait to visit at some point!
  • I also made the Covenant of the People of Praise this month! This is a lifetime commitment to our life together in community. The weekend was blessed and I was very grateful to spend time with my parents, who are also covenanted to the People of Praise. The Lord is so gracious to invite me to this life for good!
  • Covenant Weekend was filled with people I love and time to catch-up. That was a particular treat.
  • The last trip (for now) was to NoVa for Jule and Alex's wedding. What a fun time! It was a quick trip, but also the most of the NoVa branch that I've seen since leaving in 2007.
So, my life is full and going well! We carved pumpkins as a household last night and the Trinity School Annual Appeal is going in the mail early this week, so I have hopes of getting my desk organized (again) and catching up on things. Please pray for the success of our Annual Appeal!

Glory to God!

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