Monday, July 12, 2010


Well, here are some highlights for ya in the world of Mary Virginia...
  • Vacationing as the Colfax Household in Grand Haven, MI... Here's all of us- we're a spectacular bunch who turn out to be spectacular at vacationing.
  • Colfax was happy to send out Margaret and Catherine to Allendale, so it sort of feels like we're doing the Action summer... reinforced by getting to do some finance work for the Action summer in my office.
  • My camera has been broken for a long while, and I was able to get it fixed... which has been my pure delight. The Lord is good. Turns out I still like taking photos... and my camera still feels a part of me.
  • Melanie brought her family for a quick breakfast and tour of my house and Greenlawn... I was so honored to show them around! I hope they come back soon. =)
  • I also discovered the beauty of Sisters' Night Out on my most recent trip to Michigan! I feel a tradition coming on. We had so much fun!
Those are the highlights. Work is going well, and believe it or not, I'm on the 2nd to last chapter of Origin of the Jesuits. (I might be setting a record on length of time to read this book.) This week, Anne S., Gina and I are holdin' down the fort, as they say.

God bless!

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