Friday, April 23, 2010

April 2010

Unbelievably, the spring semester for our students is coming to a close. This means they're working hard as finals approach and we're all eagerly awaiting the celebration of the close of the semester, and particularly honoring our graduates this year: Mary Claire, Brigette, and Anne V.

I have a list in the front of my bible of people and things I'm praying for. It occurred to me that it was almost time to rewrite this list... I thought, "I should write this list in pencil, so I don't need to rewrite it." But, I realized that the reason I need to rewrite it is because the Lord has been answering prayers, and I get to cross intentions off my list. That's cool. I will definitely keep writing this list in pen. The Lord indeed hears our prayers.

I'm officially locked in (and ready, almost unfortunately) for a vacation with my family in Holden Beach, NC! Unfortunately ready because it won't roll around until the 3rd week of August. So far, Katie's family is coming and Bethanne's family would love to be there. Grandma Ginny's a definite, so we're set up for a great time! I'll even get to road trip there with Mom and Dad. Is it August, yet?

We're in the thick of budgets, and the job feels very different from last year. It's crunch time and I'm sure the Lord will bless it. Also in the work sphere, Gina and I will be traveling to Chicago for Thursday and Friday this week to attend a Google AdWords Seminar. Trinity advertises on Google, and we're going to figure out how to do what we're doing better. We get to stay with Carolyn H, which will be a blast! (Thank goodness my camera returned before this trip happened!)

Currently Reading:
The Origin of the Jesuits (1/2 chapter in) and The Princess Bride (Almost done)

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