Friday, March 26, 2010

A Welcome Change

New Life at Colfax

Talking about the weather. It may be that in the attempt to share "life" in conversation, I usually steer clear of conversations "about the weather". But I have to admit it's been on my mind lately. The words of my friend, Mae, were clearly brought to mind in February when I thought winter might not ever end. I don't remember her exact words, but it was an encouragement to remind myself in February in South Bend that, "The weather will get nicer!" Believe me, I wasn't sure in February. (Mae gives great advice and successfully adjusted from Hawaii to South Bend... I may never now how, especially now having been to Hawaii.)

We had a week of 60s and sunny which was (scarily) wonderful. I was timid in my excitement... fearing another foot of snow, I guess. But, the snow has not returned. Yesterday was cloudy, but Jeremy prayed at dinner that the sun would return, and indeed it has today.

Praise God for nice weather. And green plants, which are a reminder that the sun is coming around on a regular basis for several months... Bring it on.

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