Friday, March 05, 2010

February 2010

Dad and Mom visited and given their new responsibilities of campus life in Indianapolis, our conversations have delightfully shifted slightly more towards trading ideas and experiences, as well as blessings the Lord has given us. We're both living in campus life of the People of Praise, and it's very encouraging to hear what the Lord is doing with them.

As for us, the Work College is doing its part to prepare for the Easter Season. Things I've been enjoying over the past two weeks are: chanting psalms in the morning, extra meditations, and reading "To Serve As Jesus Served" with my household. The Lord will draw much fruit I'm sure from all the things we're choosing to do with Him to prepare. It's exciting.

Lord's Day last week was a blast. Many of us came prepared with a song to share. Most were songs from our music collections with a few more on the performance side. Something that was particularly delightful was realizing how unique each of us is, and how fun it is to know each other. There was a plethora of styles, as you can imagine. Someone introduces a song and as soon as it begins playing, it's fun to realize yourself thinking, "Yes! That is so them!"

The Leaders' Conference for Women is next week and our household gets to host two women (Stephanie from Portland and Alana from Oahu). I happen to already know how much fun both of these women happen to be... and I'm excited! Hospitality is always such a treat. Alana and her family hosted us this past summer when my parents, Grandma, and I were in for vacation, so it'll be fun to return the favor.

That's some of the news around here. The Lord is good! God bless y'all...

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