Monday, January 11, 2010

Work College, Spring 2010

We've rolled over to another year, and Gina and I thought we'd start fresh. We share a room in Colfax, and it has been sufficiently turned upside-down and (almost) completely rearranged, much to the delight of us both, I believe. Turns out I still like moving, even if it's just furniture.

The Work College kicked off this Saturday with Lord's Day. It was fun to be together again (41 of us present). As usual, this semester is full of unknowns and exciting ideas. We will start this week with the structure (meals, groups, etc) that we ended with last semester, with conversations on the horizon.

Praise God for another semester. The students are back at it and jobs have commenced back to normalcy... just in time to have off for Martin Luther King Day.

Glory! =)

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