Sunday, November 08, 2009

Dedication and Leadership

I just finished reading "Dedication and Leadership" by Douglas Hyde. Something that he goes over in the beginning of the book struck me. It's the concept that young people have big dreams and aspirations, and we do them a disservice to ask them (us) to do mediocre things. If we ask big things of people, we will get heroic responses.

"What distinguishes the Communist movement from most others and makes it possible for so small a minority to make so great an impact upon our time is the dedication of the average individual member and the immense and dynamic force this represents when all those individuals collectively make their contribution to the cause" (p. 25-6).

There is something really exciting about "Hearing the word of the Lord and acting upon it" with the dedication that Hyde refers to. (Luke 8:21) He walks through the day of a dedicated communist: reading the Communist paper, leaving copies of it in the bus, thinking about conversations he can have with fellow workers, touching base with other communists on breaks, discussing failures and successes before leaving work with other communists, deciding to try different tactics for situations in which they failed the first time, etc.

Hyde says towards the end of his book, "Something in the nature of a social regeneration would occur in the life of the West if every committed Christian we already have were to acquire, or to be given, this attitude of mind and to think in these terms. [Ask himself, 'What do I do as a Christian?' Then act accordingly.]" (p. 156-7).

I'm not exactly sure how I want to end this post, but it's something along the lines of being grateful for the People of Praise. I have seen and get to continue to witness dedicated brothers and sisters who approach their life in Christ with this kind of dedication, and I get to learn from them. Christ is alive in the world today, present in us through the Holy Spirit, and His kingdom is being built through us.


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