Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fall 2009

What's going on at the Work College?

Amazingly, we have already gone through a significant portion of the semester!

We have 4 households, not including our family households (3 now!). In my household this year we have Laura F, Anne V, Anne S, Margaret D, Gina M, and meself. It's been a treat to be able to build on our friendships from last year. Turns out 6 is a great number for a household, too.

The other groups that we're doing this year are dinner groups. There's 3 and we eat dinner together Tuesday through Thursday, and have fun night together on Friday nights. These groups are also our Lord's Day prep groups.

That's kind of structural stuff... but it's going well.

Gloria Marie made her way into the Work College one week ago. We are so excited!

Currently reading: "Dedication and Leadership" (Harry Potter 7 starting soon... We'll see how long I hold out.)

Baking banana bread: but no chocolate chips this week.

Over and Out.

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