Wednesday, August 05, 2009

A Weekend in Michigan

I have been thinking for a while about visiting my sister, Melanie, who is due with her 4th (3rd boy!) in September. I planned a trip of helping out and being of use, but in true family style, ended up having a blast, work or no work. They hosted an adult family party on Friday night. In addition to my parents and James and Katie, Uncle Glenn and Aunt Laurie, as well as my cousin Rob, who's living with my sister Katie's family, were all there.

Mom and Dad were driving through with their give-away belongings and their furniture for Indy (where they'll be living come December). James and Katie hosted all of us for a brunch on Saturday, which was a total blast. I enjoyed going back on Sunday and seeing her garden (with plots for several of the boys), got a head of cabbage and basil (yay!) from her garden, and saw their chickens (did not pet, even at the request of my godson, Liam).

I enjoyed in particular getting to know Xavier (Xavi), who is Melanie and Mundo's youngest. He is a joy. He was riding his bike downhill, giving his Mama and I a "thumbs-up" when he "rear-ended" my car. Slightly shocked, he looked to us and started laughing with us and yelled, "I fo-got to stop!"

Isa and I enjoyed some girl time, included eating lunch in a castle, drinking out of wine glasses, with a candle lit. She is becoming thoughtful and very imaginative. It's awesome.

Diego and I in particular had a lot of fun at a place called the "Treehouse". He made sure to include me in climbing around in the indoor maze, showing me the longest slides, and looking out for me.

Praise God for family and thanks for having me!


  1. This is a wonderful description! Your niece and nephews must really enjoy having you visit. And thanks for sharing photos, too.

  2. Thanks, Anne! It was such a fun visit...