Saturday, July 04, 2009


Mom and Grandma in the pool where we're staying.
Happy Vacation!

Thanks to all of those praying for me, I had a great trip here. It was a great routine of sleep, read, sleep, watch grade B movie, sleep more, drink Diet Coke, and sleep more.

I arrived around 2:30 (Mom had a lei ready to go), got something to eat, and was taken directly to Yogurt Mama. This turns out to be a favorite spot of Dad, Mom, Eileen, and Grandma's so far this week. From there we went to drive by the ocean, but of course, I got out with Mom and stuck my feet in the water ("I won't get my pants wet, I'll just roll them up and get my feet... oh shoot. They got wet.") The sand is very smooth here. Haven't seen big waves yet, but they're probably in our future.

We had a great meal with Jack and Haidy B. Haidy is an expert of all things growing in her backyard, including a very large avacado tree, which she says, produces cannonball like avacados. (Too bad I won't be here in October to eat them!) We enjoyed great conversation and a delicious meal, and then I came home and crashed after being awake for roughly 21 hours.

It's beautiful here, as we all suspected. Thanks to Mike and Malia for the use of their beautiful house! I will be posting photos here during the week... Aloha!

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