Saturday, July 25, 2009

From our trip to Hawaii

This was posted in the Wardroom on the USS Missouri. Have fun reading through them...

1. Do not enter or lounge in the Wardroom out of uniform.
2. Never sit down to meals before the Executive or Senior Member sits down.
3. If necessary to leave before completion of meal, excuse yourself to the Senior Member.
4. Always introduce your guests to the Wardroom Officers.
5. All guests are guests of all Wardroom Officers.
6. Whenever an officer from another ship enters the Wardoom, introduce yourself, extend all courtesies, and ask to help him in any way possible.
7. Never be late for meals. If you are unavoidably late, make your apologies to the Senior Member.
8. Only those in the sick list have the privilege of eating in their rooms.
9. Do not loiter in the Wardroom during working hours. You are supposed to be at work, not playing cards or drinking coffee to kill time.
10. Do not be boisterous or otherwise noisy in the Wardroom. This is the home of all the officers and their rights and privileges must be respected.
11. Pay your mess bill and all other personal ship bills promptly. Your Wardroom mess bill and mess entrance fee are payable in advance. It is proper to ask the Mess Treasurer, within the first 24 hours, the amount of the mess bill and mess entrance fee and to pay them at that time.
12. Be civil and just in all your dealings with steward’s mates. If you have a complaint, it is best to make it to the Mess Treasurer.
13. Do not abuse the use of the watch boy by sending him on long errands.
14. Remember that gambling, drinking, and possession of liquor on board ship are general court-martial offenses.
15. You will find that most of the older officers are just as anxious to help you as you are to learn.
16. Remember that the more experienced officers in your mess will respect your frank admission of ignorance, whereas they will soon “have your number” if you assume a presumptuous attitude and continually make blunders.

(From the 1944 issue of the Naval Officers Guide.)

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