Saturday, June 27, 2009

Father's Day

Our household of 3 on Sunday had the pleasure of having brunch with Mary Claire's family. After Brunch, many of us went to Lake Michigan at Weko Beach. It was really fun. There were many kids, but the many adults made it lighter work, and the Moms among us kept us well-fed all day long. We were there for a whopping 5 hours- which was a total treat.

Speaking of Father's day... I got to Skype with my Dad in the morning, which turns out to be quite wonderful compared to a phone call. I really love seeing people. I am grateful for him!

Pictured here is my Dad's Dad, Walter Edwin, Sr. (Aka Bud.) They do look alike! He passed away in 2002, and we're pictured here in 1998. He bought me my Game Boy (when they were large grey blocks) and we would compete in tetris together on the sofa. He loved river locks and would take us for a day to watch them and explain how they worked. He loved baseball, particularly the umpire and his ways of ignoring all anger from players. (He would then demonstrate how they locked their hands behind them and walked slowly away.) This picture was uncovered by my Mom, from a stack of photos from Grandma Mary. Praise God for him!

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  1. Bud really loved little Mary V - can't you tell!