Saturday, May 30, 2009

Summer begins


Summer is here... the teachers among us are winding down (or up), the Indy Action staff have hit the road, the Allendale Action staff leaves next week, we moved out of Ellsworth, and we have had lots of outside meals.

This summer, there will be people in and out, but here's a rough list of those of us who will be here: Laura F, Anne S, Gina M, Margaret D, Lisa F, Mary Claire B, and myself.

It's fun cooking our meals in Colfax, having more people roaming around, and having the basement (almost) finished. Baseboards and staining of wood still need to happen, but carpet is in, paint is on the walls, and it is officially the coolest place in our home.

Just finished reading "The Shack". Have to admit I liked it. In my opinion, it's trying to be bold and a bit shocking, but I believe really captures well some of the things I really love about each person of the Trinity.

In 7 days, I'll be at South Bend Summer Camp.
And How.

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  1. I loved The Shack, too! I agree with you that it's trying to be bold and shocking, and it kind of succeeds, too. But it definitely captures stuff about God that I love, especially the Father. I found myself recognizing him really well in the book.

    Have fun with summer camp!