Friday, April 03, 2009

Meghan, Meself, and Laura in the Bean

Meghan, Meself, and Laura in the Bean

Last weekend, the WC women went to Chicago...

The last time I was in Chicago (correct me if I'm wrong), I was about 5 years old, and we went to visit Dad, who was working there for a short time. Well, I remember having a lot of fun. Why? What did I do? I watched on the TV in my Dad's room anyone who was riding in the elevator- including my sisters. Chicago was amazing.

Well, to say the least, I saw a different side of Chicago. It was a lot of fun. Anne and Margaret gave us a tour of the University of Chicago, where they both went to school, but not without a stop to their favorite pastry shop: Bonjour Cafe. Lunch in the 15 seater van (thank you Ks! It was cold!), and then a walk through Millennium Park, and then dinner at a tapas restaurant. It was a great day, and I have now been to Chicago... twice.


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  1. There is a reason that Chicago is called "the windy city".

    Glad you had fun!