Sunday, February 08, 2009

This Semester in the WC

I wanted to share a little about the Work College for this semester...

We have decided to "table" sections for this semester and to tackle project teams. There are a number of teams doing different things: work for One:Ten Communications, fix-it projects around Greenlawn, videography for Trinity School websites, and design/decorations of Greenlawn.

I am not in any of these project teams, because I will be joining the People of Praise Dinkytown business section, to do work with them for Trinity this semester! This means I skype in for Business section meetings, and will do work remotely from here in South Bend. A new level of unity with them is really exciting!

So... we eat dinners in the Greenlawn refectory every night during the week, one of which is a household configuration, and on Tues/Thurs from 7-9 we have project team work. We've started doing chores for 2 hours on Saturday mornings (instead of 4) and added in Friday night chores every other week.

The new study space in Greenlawn has been a hit. On any given night, you can walk through and many people are there, poring over books, typing at computers, etc. It's great to see our common life so visible.

That's the news around here...

Currently: 42 degrees and sunny
Reading: Unbound (by Neal Lozano)
Listening to: Rabbit Songs by Hem
Sitting across from: Margaret and Brigette
Just finished: drinking a hot cocoa/coffee goodness

God Bless y'all

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