Sunday, February 22, 2009

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How to cook in GL when you're 5' 4.75" tall.

This semester in the Work College, we have split into 4 LD teams... 3 random assigned teams and the K. team. Our team, with the help of Mike and Linda C. over the phone from New Orleans, served jambalaya and decorated with as much gold, purple, and green as we could for Mardi Gras. Anne Swan made a sweet (literally) king cake, and yes, we paraded into the kitchen singing "O When the Saints..." to file through and grab our slice of dessert. (Meghan was the winner and finder of the baby...)

I have started reading Pride and Prejudice with Margaret who is teaching it for humane letters at Trinity at Greenlawn. I'm surprised at how much I have forgotten, and have enjoyed it. My perspective has definitely changed since I was 16... funny how that happens.

Since I last posted, I have made plans to travel to Hawaii (!) for a week this summer with my parents who are doing a house swap with a family in the People of Praise branch there. I am very excited. Not a phone call goes by with my parents without some excitement expressed about being in such a beautiful place together this summer.

The weather has continued to be snowy here, despite the one day of 65 degrees we had last week, which was, I admit, very lovely...


  1. Anonymous8:00 AM

    So that's what that stool is for...I had been using it to get down the platters!

  2. GL is the name of a building: Greenlawn. =)