Sunday, February 01, 2009

Flotsam and Jetsam

Well, I'm now 24. I had a great celebration, and am so honored by all those who sent emails, letters, drew pictures, baked cakes with me (see below), drew on the bathroom mirror, played speed scrabble, and took me to La Esperanza. It was a great celebration.
Here is a photo of our downstairs. Our home is beautiful, but finding a quiet place to pray is hard in a home that is so open. Laura worked hard to make this room livable for a prayer space, and it's great! (Today, Laura found a mole outside the window, AND we rescued it, AND I had a part it in. I know. Hard to believe.)
This week in the Work College, we're all going to do some work on Tuesday and Thursday night, which is a new addition to our schedule. It's officially February... and we had a warm(er), sunny day. Glory to God!

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