Sunday, December 07, 2008


Let's see (a well-loved phrase in City-building)... It was a good week this week. The finance office of the People of Praise is working hard to create charts and reports for the leaders to gather. It was fun this week pulling together some reports on excel. (Education coming in handy with excel so often. It's such a great program.)

Also, this week we celebrated Sean and Gretchen's coming wedding as the Work College (in less than a month!) The Tech section put on a great Lord's Day with nachos (which S&G both love), honorings, and a fun set-up of the room so that we were all in circles of chairs, free to mill around and talk to lots of people. It was a very fun event.

Yesterday, Paul K. and I were coordinating getting a tree for Colfax when he called and said, "I'm out. Why don't I just pick you up a tree?" Praise God! It was such an honor to get a beautiful tree delivered to our door (also thanks for Joe B and John). It's a lovely Scotch pine. Tomorrow night our household will decorate our whole home for Christmas, which will be lovely.

To top it off, we got about 4 inches of snow this weekend, and I've made plans to be in DC for 9 days during the Christmas season. Glory to God!

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