Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Praise God!
Dad and I went to the National Gallery and walked around downtown.
It was 65 degrees and beautiful!
We hosted a Lord's Day at our house with Steve and Sandra F.'s family and Jim and Margherite's family... including Brigette and Claire!
I got to see a lot of family... which was a surprise!
Colleen and Aunt MaryAnn came down, as well as Uncle Billy and Aunt Peggy.
I also got to see Uncle Tom, Aunt Lois, Mike, and Scott when we went to NY/NJ.
Uncle Tom, Mom, and my cousin, Mike
We all had dinner at Planet Hollywood in Times Square, where Mike is a waiter.
On the way home from NY, Carmen (Mom and Dad's GPS... named Carmen) directed us right through the center of Gettysburg, where I've never been before.
Way to go, Carmen!

Just finished reading: Peace Like a River.
Had breakfast with Nichole yesterday and having lunch with Emily today- both big treats!
More photos here.

That's about it! Going home tomorrow for Sean and Gretchen's wedding! Glory!

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