Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Oct. 31st

This Friday, I left work and took a stroll about half a block away to the K's house and simply observed Halloween at their house. The trick-or-treaters got all dressed up and then Addison, Andrea, and I were in the kitchen handing out candy to those who came. It's a treat to be living so closely with a family, again! (Especially the K's!)

Michelle L., Maria K., Jane P., and Genevieve K.

William (Daniel Boone) and Leo (The Hulk)

This Saturday, the K's also hosted us and the Tim and Anne Marie P. family, for Lord's Day, and we got to play the Laura game. Andrea is so great at creating games! Laura, who is in the Work College, had shoulder surgery (say that out loud 5x fast) and has been surviving with only her non-dominant hand. So, Andrea created a relay marathon where we had to do tasks like opening and closing salad dressing bottles, putting on a sock, and writing our names with only our non-dominant hand. It was a great treat to watch all the kids get super into it. Praise God for creativity!


  1. What Fun! Say hello to them for me!
    And, wish you were here.. so I could eat some of those snickerdoodles I heard you were making :)

    Love ya!