Monday, October 06, 2008

Covenant Weekend

Alleluia! This weekend we celebrated the covenant of the People of Praise. It is such an awesome moment in our life, having our brothers and sisters covenanting themselves to us for the rest of their lives. The Lord is so honored by them, and our life together.

This weekend was also a logistical feat. We had 130 people at Lord's Day and there were about 70 guests staying here for the whole weekend. The Operations Section did a beautiful job. They created a welcome packet, meals to keep us fed, spaces for sleeping, sacrifice of time to make the weekend smooth, and all worked hard doing service on Saturday during the day. Citybuilders earned their reputation this week of working and playing hard together.

The weekend finished with a powerful South Bend Branch Covenant Meeting, where their commitments were made. The sharings of each covenanting member was wonderfully them and also an unbelievable honoring of all of us in the People of Praise. There's no where else I would rather be. Praise God!

Here are some photos and videos from Joe B's camera (taken by various members of the Work College).

Here's also my photos of the weekend... there's not much, I was really simply enjoying myself from not behind the camera this weekend.


Just finished reading: Story of a Soul
Still Working on: Crossing the Threshold of Hope
Possibly Starting: Anne of Green Gables
Listened to: Aladdin soundtrack today
My Morning Glory: is coming back to life after the shock of the move at my office.
Birthdays: my Mom and godson share a birthday this Thursday: Happy Birthday!!
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  1. Bill Sjoberg4:44 PM

    Mary - POP NOVA had a wonderful picnic celebration on couldn't have been better. A lot of visitors and great food. Looking forward to Convenant Sun on 19 Oct

    God Bless

  2. Oooo...Alladin soundtrack.