Sunday, October 12, 2008

A contest

A view of our life...

The Work College has a google document shared among all of us announcing the contest of who shall jump in the pool at the latest point in the season. The pool was invaded by Anne V. and Maria K. earlier this week, when they realized (to their great delight), that their great desire to win and the pool would be simultaneously and quickly covered.

However, to many people's great surprise, Jeremy sauntered over to this same covered pool around 2:30 pm yesterday after our weekly chores. He uncovered a small section and... well, the competition has reached new heights. Not only did Jeremy go head-first into this small hole, but proceeded to jump in twice and swim around under the pool cover. His laughter could be heard from underneath the green taut sheet. The competition lives on and no one knows who else may be scheming...

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