Sunday, September 14, 2008

South Bend

View from my bedroom window this week

I have lived in South Bend for a full week now! This week was a good one. I got settled into the Greenlawn office with a new Vostro 200 computer, my morning glory plant, and my colored pencil Trinity drawing above my desk. I look forward to settling into my schedule even more this week.

I've been learning Peachtree (an accounting software program used by the People of Praise). Words that have begun fading from my vocabulary of the School of Management at Mason have begun resurfacing. Debit, credit, depreciation, capitalization, and a simple common love for excel are all helping me to shine brighter in the world on the third floor of Greenlawn. Glory to God.

This photo and a few others are an attempt to show you little "scenes" from my life. A way to show you the things I see without simply taking a photo of the front of the house... which may actually be something I eventually do because Colfax is so beautiful.

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