Friday, September 19, 2008

People of Praise Celebration Week

The People of Praise has been around for 37 years! We have been celebrating this week in the Work College, which has been a blast. On Monday night, we had a women's night where everyone was assigned to a table. Each table was a branch-theme, with photos on it, a post-card to write and send to the ladies of that branch, with a spot for a photo of the women at the table!

The East Area worked hard at 3 rounds of trivia questions and a spread of lovely appetizers and drinks. It was a great evening!

Here are Jennifer H. and Jennifer B., from the SB Branch
There's a great crowd of women in the SB Branch!

Catherine B., who is in charge of food here at the Work College, has worked particularly hard this week to have branch-styled food at dinner and also stocked our cabinets with some fun snack foods. (This included a "hot dish" in honor of Minnesota.) Paul K. also lead a crew who made breakfast for all of us this morning at 7 am! It was fun to eat all together, since we normally do not.

That's the news around here!

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  1. I love reading about what the WC is up to on your blog! Having themed food from different branches is such a fun idea. Keep the posts coming!