Friday, September 19, 2008

Lord's Day

Here are a few pictures from Lord's Day last week. We played games after dinner was over... great fun! The mansion provides many challenges in the area of photography... I've already considered asking to put all the lamps in the middle of our Lord's Day prayers circle. The lighting is terrible! (I don't, however, think this idea is possible.) I hope you enjoy the few shots I got. The event is so joyful. I really love the way the People of Praise celebrates the Lord's Day!

Gretchen, Brigette, Maria, and Claire
(We have a sweet kitchen here!)
David and Laura
Every week a section plans, cooks, and leads Lord's Day-
this past week was the Technology section.
Speed Scrabble- I love it.

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  1. great pictures! I like the first one, even though there is dim lighting it gives a cool effect.