Sunday, September 28, 2008

Happy Lord's Day

My fourth week in South Bend is just starting, and all is well. The Operations Section of the Work College is feverishly planning for a big Covenant party here in South Bend. There will be around 50 from Dinkytown, MN, 20 from Indy, and 4 from Allendale. That puts us around 100 for our grand Lord's Day celebration. Food is what I get to work on and it's great!

The weather is going to be in the sixties this week and I'm anxiously awaiting the autumn colors and will indulge in some photography. We got to walk to church this morning, which was a treat. We even ate apples from trees along the road on the way home. Crisp, good apples. We kind of went apple picking...

That's about all from the homefront... today we'll be having a pool-side household time, and some brave souls may even enter the pool (I wouldn't even think of it!)

Glory to God!

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  1. Mary, deep down inside I know you'll be the one to win the competition of who jumps in the Colfax pool at the latest date ...