Friday, September 05, 2008


Reporting today that I have accepted a job working at the Headquarters of the People of Praise in South Bend with Paul K. and will be joining the Work College (WC)! This means I will be closing my time as a missionary for now.

I'm excited to work with Paul K., learning more about finances, and getting to do administrative work, which makes me shine brighter in the world.

I get to live in the Colfax with about 7 other women. It's a beautiful home, one I've visited often, and I'm excited to share life there.

I'm spending this weekend in Indy with the WC, who's coming to help us get some work done and celebrate Lord's Day with us.

Here is a photo from a dinner that was made to honor me before I left. It was a great feast of Mexican style food. Thanks, y'all! It was great. I've loved missionary life here and I have learned so much about Jesus and how he does things. Glory to God!


  1. GLORY!! We're excited to have you!

  2. sweet, it will be cool to have you in the Bend!

  3. Congratulations Molly! How exciting! Isn't it a life full of treasure and richness we have in People of Praise!

  4. Molly,
    So sorry to see you go, but we're sure you'll do great things in SB. We've loved having you in our lives!

    The Horlanders