Saturday, August 16, 2008

This week:

For this whole week, we have functioned as one household, both North and South Side. (Such a treat!) We were a rough total of about 16 people, and the activity for the week was construction work. 1435 is coming along. This week there was lots of sub-floor going in, sheet rock being screwed in, and stairs being rebuilt. I was sick this week, but finally was well enough to go over and take a few photos...

Ellen and John
Ellen working on sub-floor
Ellen and Naomi

Also this week, we were able to do mission work every afternoon, which was great. Hearing all the stories and getting out there again as one household is very exciting.

Today, we sent Abe to Purdue in West Lafayette, where he will start a program towards his PhD in Physics. We had a great time last night honoring him and being together before sending him off.

This weekend, we also have J-T's parents, Terry and Kathryn, with us. Melissa, Naomi, and J-T are currently starting to brainstorm for Lord's Day, where Ray and Robin will be officially starting their full-time life here in the Duplex. Their move happened today, and we will get to celebrate their arrival!

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