Sunday, August 10, 2008


We've been summered. Action came and conquered, working hard on 1435 and getting to know the Lord better. Mission work has been moved forward mightily. We have expanded to new areas and worked a lot with kids this summer. Many videos have been posted, and we're all looking forward to whatever the fall schedule will be formed into.

Indy has officially had the "End of the Summer Lord's Day," (where we were 28 people!) and, well, personally, I'm just waiting for the leaves to go golden. (Fall is my favorite season.) Ray and Robin are officially moving in next weekend (their house is successfully moving towards new owners). Those who have been here for only the summer will slowly trickle away over the next few weeks and those who will be arriving as new missionaries will also start trickling in. That's about all from here... this week we will function as one household and do a lot of construction work together, as well as mission work every afternoon. Thanks for all your prayers this summer and keep praying for us!

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