Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Indy at Present

Missionary Women Lord's Day

This photo is not actually even in Indy... but it was a great Lord's Day! Missing (sadly) were Ellen R. and Mary T., who were both on vacation. We all had a chance to share where we had seen the Lord and simply be together as women (both South Side and Triangle household women). It was a great event and Hannah and Melissa cooked an awesome meal.

What does Indy look like right now? In the Triangle, we look very different! Action is in full swing here. We have arranged ourselves to host a team of 14 for this past week and this coming week. Another team arrives after this week. We are doing work on 1435, a house we just purchased, and have done some last minute touches on the kitchen in the duplex.

It is exciting to have done a summer in Allendale, and to see it happen here for the first time. Indianapolis is becoming more like the kingdom of God through Action's work here. Glory to God!

Chores, meals to feed 23, staff meetings, men's and women's nights, BBQs, excel spreadsheets, and drywall are all signs of an Action team at work and play... and they are definitely doing that here in Indy!

You can find photos of Action in Indy here.


  1. B Sjoberg8:35 AM

    Mary - very cool...the NOVA contingent should have arrived and we know that God is doing GREAT things. God Bless you all for your service

  2. Awesome picture. It really shows the love and unity you have established. You can't help but overflow that on those around you. You guys are such a huge blessing. We miss you at meetings, we are learning to SHARE you with others knowing you are definitely building His Kingdom. Great Job.