Friday, May 16, 2008

Our Duplex

Our duplex, which is on the north side of town near IUPUI, has been our project for quite some time now. We have painted all of the women's side (1115) and have seriously begun gutting and renewing the other side (1117). Our target end date is next month, so we've been working hard. Brian has some photos of the time lapse over the last semester's time (and a current video). He has been working full-time, and has been assisted by Ellen and Rus.

This week much of the household spent time painting the first floor of 1117 and we were joined by Thomas (Allendale) who was on his way through. It was tons of fun, and a joy to see our old duplex being transformed.

Getting There...
Naomi and Ellen- inspecting something
Brian, working on trim
The pantry is seriously intense.
Thomas, helping us paint
Hannah... roller pro

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  1. Melanie4:36 PM

    ahh something so divine about a renovated house!!! well worth the effort in the end, i´m sure.