Friday, March 28, 2008


Jesus is Risen! I have to say that this year's celebration was extremely joyful because of getting to know Jesus better. Easter is about Jesus rising from the dead, and I could honestly say that my joy was found in that this year. Our household had a whirlwind of a Holy Week. We had Colleen (from Dinkytown) join us for the festivities which was an absolute treat. We attended many different churches from Thursday to Sunday. Easter Sunday, though, Naomi and I made brunch, went to Charles' Baptism, had brunch, attended the Indianapolis Branch meeting with South Siders, sang at Wishard (long-term care facility), and then had a 6 hour extended dinner made beautifully by Hannah plus helpers. It was a glorious day. Our life is a reflection of the Resurrection and I'm so honored to live it! Here are some of the photos from the day...

Hannah, Rus, and Nick
Rus and J-T
Naomi, Molly, and Hannah
Hannah, Colleen, and Abe
Colleen and Charles

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