Monday, March 31, 2008


6 years after going to Allendale on the first Action trip, Indianapolis just had its first Action trip. We had 9 from Minnesota and 3 from Muncie here to help paint our upstairs and beautify the outside of our duplex. They did a lot of great work, and it was a blast to have them here. I worked in the kitchen the whole week, and immensely enjoyed it. We even took a trip to West Lafayette to do Missionary work and see where some People of Praise students will be next year. I personally loved the fact that there were HILLS! Oh, it was great.

We are gearing up here for a summer of Action trips. There will be 4 two week trips with a one week break for the 4th of July. I'll be putting photos up on my Flickr page, but here are a few to get you started...
Work on the Duplex
Park at Lafayette
End of the week group photo

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