Friday, February 22, 2008


After being asked what life is like recently by a friend, I realized that it might be time for an update on our current schedule. We currently have scheduled days that are similar M/T/R/F. These days look like this:

5:30- prayer, exercise, shower
7:30- North side/South Side prayer and breakfast separate. (All women + Nick, J-T, and Jon are on the North Side. Brian, Rus, Abe, and Charles are on the South Side.)
9:00- Hospitality Work (the team I'm on)/ Campus Outpost work (Rus, Brian, and Abe) / Personal Admin.
12:00- Missionary Work
3:00 Personal Time
6:00 Dinner (5:30 on South Side Men's and Women's group night, which is Thursday.)
Go Horizontal usually around 10:30.

Wednesdays we have off, we have scheduled Missionary Training on Saturdays, Indy Branch and South Side Meetings on Sundays, Lord's Day Celebrations Saturday night, Household Friday Fun Night (which is always fun), and Household meetings on Sundays after church in conjunction with a usually out-of-this-world brunch.

I have not taken my camera out much lately... but here are a few things:

Breakfast... with donated grapefruit

This past week we had Lord's Day with Jose and Patti W. from the Indy Branch...
This was the Lord's Day bread I got to make, a Seale family tradition: Challah Bread.

Also, one of my favorite things about our duplex is the view of the East every morning during Household breakfast and prayer. There are some things I enjoy a lot and don't realize it, and capturing this in a photograph or two was a good realization of how much I anticipate the view of the sunrise for our beautiful new windows.

As a preview... Our Hospitality Planning is paying off in a big way this weekend as we are hosting the K. family from South Bend and 10 people from NoVa, including my parents! We have an exciting weekend ahead of us which even includes a Pentecost Seminar! Glory!

Check out our new website for visitors to Indianapolis!

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  1. You have definately perfected the Challah.. can you call me/email me with that recipe? It looks so good! I have so many recipes, I am never sure which to try-- so I make none!

    Love ya!