Saturday, January 12, 2008

South Bend

This past week, I spent 4 days with Paul and Andrea K.'s family! It was a total blast. Some quick highlights: walking around Greenlawn with Maria (10), Mass and breakfast with Andrea, making fried eggs for lunch, library visit with George (17), Laura (16), and Addison (14) while it was pouring rain, Ellsworth with Claire H., Bourne Ultimatum with Paul and Addison, George driving, dinner around the table with the family, John X., and Elizabeth G., crocheting, playing piano, becoming G-chat friends with both Maria, Laura, and Genevieve (8), and just being there, at my second home. Thanks so much for having me!!

Maria and Molly... and yes, we may be related.
Molly (the original) and Addison
Leo, very excited about this picture.

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