Friday, December 21, 2007

The Week before Christmas

The week before Christmas was quite eventful! Sam M., Joe B., Matt B., and Chris M. all came from MN to help demolish our kitchen. They did an excellent job, and worked VERY hard all week. Thanks so much y'all!!

Photo taken by... someone else. Anyone want to take credit?
While the sound of pounding resounded, the household worked hard to brainstorm and work on gifts for our families that truly reflect us and don't cost much. We ended up making homemade cards that were beautiful (I wish I had a picture!) as well as a CD that had a new song (version of O Come, O Come, Emmanuel) and two other songs that we've composed over the last few months... This is us split up in groups to accomplish everything that needed to happen.
Jon and Naomi
Nick and Brian
Rus and Ellen

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