Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas in Virginia

I hardly know where to begin, but it was a great week! I arrived on the 21st and stayed until the 26th. We had an extended family party on the 22nd with family from NY. This is what our table looked like with all 13 leaves in it!Bethanne's family (Matt, Bethanne, and kids: Virginia, Little Matt, Thomas, and Sean)
This is Sean with his "hat." (Monkey ears headband)
Aunt Marcella (Dad's sister) and Grandma Gigi (Mom's Mom)
Melanie's family came down from MD for the party with her family (Mundo, Melanie, Isa, Diego, and Xavi. Also, Mundo's Mom, Giannina was there).
This is Xavi enjoying the sparkles of the Christmas tree.
Thomas crashed.

Playing Hearts!
Bethanne, Little Matt, Grandma, Matt, and Virginia
Grandma shooting the moon... and us loosing
The view on Christmas Eve and the Seale Ranch
Bethanne's family on their way to church...
A beautiful family

The week was great. I had lots of fun. I had a few short visits with some friends who I miss dearly. I wish I had pictures of them. I got to go to the Mason chapel (Bellermine) for 8 pm Christmas Eve Mass. I got to see Nichole sing beautifully again as Mary. I even got to go to the Mall with Dad on Christmas Eve (it would hardly be Christmas Eve without the crowds of the Mall...) It was a balmy 50 degrees on Christmas day, and Dad and I got to walk around King's Park neighborhood where Dad's were setting up new basketball hoops. The week came to a sweet close with a visit to Maryland to see Melanie's family. It was a great visit, where we all got to take a course in Wii 101. A bit of bowling and tennis was great fun. Thanks, Melanie, for keeping the kids up through their nap for our visit!!

Merry Christmas!

PS- here's a video of Sean, who has grown up a WHOLE lot since 7 months ago, when I left. He loves to walk, sing, wear a hat, and eat cookies. Walking in the door and having him know my name was maybe the biggest gift to me.

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  1. Mary,
    Thanks so much for sharing your words and pictures of Christmas at the Seale household. What a great time!
    And Sean singing Row, Row your Boat is very precious.
    God Bless, Carolyn