Monday, December 17, 2007

Antioch Cont'd

Antioch continues to be built... We had 15 Action Team members from South Bend visit us for a total of 6 hours, only to turn around due to bad weather... But they left a mark on Indy! 4 projects happened over a 4 hour span: baking cookies and passing them out, working on a wheel chair ramp, decorating a neighbor's house in the South Side, and I was on the painting the living/dinning room team. Here are pictures of what I spent my day doing...


Naomi, Aimee, Margaret, and Ellen
The guys working into the night on the last coats
Rus and Nick
Thanks to the Action Team for all of their hard work and flexibility with all the bad weather! Our house looks much more lived-in and much more bold. Praise God!
(All of the paint was donated and mixed by us. We've decided the Lord really likes the colors in our house... Glory!)

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