Monday, November 05, 2007

Harvest Feast

On the South Side of Indianapolis, the kingdom of God is breaking out. This year, there was a Harvest Feast instead of the celebration of witches and the Green Beeper (apparently, a kids misinterpretation of the Grim Reaper… hilarious.) It was a wonderful time. The women’s groups of the South Side put in some good old-fashioned hospitality. There were pumpkins being carved, wood burning, marshmallows toasting, candy corn being consumed, chili on the stove, pies baking, a cello being put to good use, and conversations of the goodness of the Lord being enjoyed. The women did a great job, and all had lots of fun. Praise the Lord!

(Mike W. and Jen T. also joined us for this weekend, and it was such a joy to have them with us. It’s also a joy to have them with us in the Missionary Company along with Kathleen M., Ray and Robin, and Jerry and Patti!!)

Kirsten, Star, and Jessica
Lord's Day
Nick and Mary
Rick, Ruth, and Deanna
Camp Firing...
or, Rus vs. Mike

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  1. Nice day, sounds like...

    great retreat - many new guys