Tuesday, October 16, 2007

What's going on in Indy?

This photo shows you that we are working on finishing our kitchen. Or rather, I should say, Jon is working very hard! We just started discussing paint colors for our home, and the windows in our dining room are being replaced! The furnace, I've been told, will be fixed. Glory!

I have started nannying for a 4 and 1 year old nearby and teaching a choir at a local Catholic school. Almost all of us have gotten work at this point, and it's been fun debriefing at the end of the day, because so many of us have done so many different things throughout the day.

We go to the South Side 4 days per week for four hour slots and then to IUPUI four days a week over the lunch hour. It's been fun watching the seasons change as a missionary instead of as a student. The approaching weather does not mean sitting around with a large textbook and a hot chocolate. In fact, I've begun to wonder exactly what it'll be like knocking on doors when there's a few inches of snow on the ground. My educated guess is: cold.

As part of my update, I have finished reading the Little Flowers of Saint Francis (excluding Juniper and Giles). On the docket is: Gladys Aylward: The Little Woman. It's a story of a missionary to China. Also, I made it to the library yesterday and got my very own Indiana library card. I then proceeded to check out more reading than I can probably finish in three months: The Count of Monte Cristo, Left to Tell, and Cry, the Beloved Country.

Well... that's the latest! God Bless y'all!

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